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Work from Home (WFH)

We provide FREE trial License with different types of Work from Home Solutions like SSL VPN,MDM,VDI,MFA,Colloboration tools for remote workers( AWS Chime, Cloud Endure/Cloud Berry, Microsoft Teams )

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multifactor, or two-factor, authentication increases the security of the Cloud Certificate Management platform by requiring two methods of identity verification before allowing users to log-in. The fingerprint is part of the authentication system of the future.The use of two-factor authentication to prove one’s identity is based on the premise that an unauthorized actor is unlikely to be able to supply both factors required for access. If in an authentication attempt at least one of the components is missing or supplied incorrectly, the user’s identity is not established with sufficient certainty and access to the asset (e.g., a building, or data) being protected remains blocked.A two-factor authentication scheme typically must include two of the three schemes listed below: Something the user knows (e.g., password, PIN) Something the user has (e.g., token, smart card) Something the user is (e.g., biometric characteristic, such as a fingerprint)


SSL VPN secure remote access enables anytime, anywhere access to business applications – increasing productivity while maintaining security and compliance. Users need only a common Web browser to quickly and securely access resources and applications for which they are authorized. Anytime, anywhere browser-based secure remote access, enables increased productivity for employees, partners, tenants, customers,contractors and guests. Simple, scalable and secure remote desktop that enables use of PCs and virtual desktops from any device in any location.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is built on Office 365 groups, Microsoft Graph, and the same enterprise-level security, compliance, and manageability as the rest of Office 365. Teams as the hub for teamwork, is where people – including people outside your organization – can actively connect and collaborate in real time to get things done. Have a conversation right where the work is happening, whether coauthoring a document, having a meeting, or working together in other apps and services. Teams is the place to have informal chats, iterate quickly on a project, work with team files, and collaborate on shared deliverables

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that simply and securely delivers and manages any app on any device by integrating access control, application management, and multiplatform endpoint management. It begins with consumer-simple, single sign-on (SSO) access to cloud, mobile, web, and Windows apps in one unified catalog, and includes powerfully integrated email, calendar, file, and social collaboration tools that engage employees. Employees are put in the driver’s seat to choose their own devices or benefit from employer-provided devices with the ability for IT to enforce fine-grained, risk-based conditional access policies that also take into account device compliance information delivered by unified endpoint management (UEM) technology. Automates traditional onboarding and laptop and mobile device configuration and delivers real-time application lifecycle management that bridges legacy enterprise client-server apps to the mobile cloud era. Simple way to secure Corporate Applications in BYOD access.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Transform static desktops into secure, digital workspaces that can be delivered on demand. Provision virtual or remote desktops and applications through a single VDI and app virtualization platform to streamline management and easily entitle end users. Enable IT to quickly provision virtual desktops and applications across on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Enable your remote workforce to securely access Windows resources from anywhere. EUC teams gain simplified management of distributed Windows systems and the ability to easily scale physical or cloud capacity to meet growing demands. Business quality access from the home is critical in empowering employees to continue business activities in this uncertain time. Ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and partners is always our top priority. A VDI setup allows each user to log in to their own desktop can be accessible anywhere from world. This provides consistent performance whether they are working onsite for a day or working from home with any kind of internet source.

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