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Audit Penetration Testing

Examine the Robustness of your Infrastructure from a hacker’s perspective.

Audits should be thorough and conducted on a regular basis to secure your data and digital assets. If you’re in a highly regulated industry, engaging in this activity will also help your business ensure compliance Penetration tests go beyond security audits and vulnerability assessments by trying to breach your system just like a hacker. An attack simulation on a computer system, a network, or an organisation under real-world conditions.

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Detect all the vulnerable areas that can be exploited by an Attacker

Penetration Testing

Provoking a simulated breach and thereby re-assuring that all the security protocols are intact.

Security Audits

An audit that complements the Penetration Testing with a precise review of the technical aspects of the environment.

Flexible Security Evaluations

A security evaluation framework that proactively scrutinizes all the embedded security checks via a pre-defined algorithm.

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Best Cloud Infrastructure service in Chennai! I had plenty of experience with so many service providers in Chennai but uniware systems provide us the highest level of flexibility and management control over IT resources and bringing all the required tools for our Business Module .

Sofia Chennai

Good experience with Uniware Systems, result oriented approach and perfectly fulfilled our business requirements. Thanks Uniware Systems!

Ajay Kochi

Uniware Systems is a true technology partner, and they consistently put their customers’ needs and requirements first. Our business mandates highly secure, scalable, and high performing infrastructure in multiple data center locations with 24/7 technical support. Uniware Systems has exceeded our expectations in their technical support and technology services.

Karan Chennai

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