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Application Performance and security is crucial for running your business and winning customers’ trust. . Working with Data on-prem limits your business potential. That’s why progressive firms design their business Cloud-First. AWS RDS a relational database in the cloud with just a few clicks.

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AWS RDS Services

DB Instances

As fundamental blocks of RDS, DB Instances are a database environment in AWS cloud where multiple user databases coexist and can interact with each other using the same set of tools and applications that users utilize for standalone database instances.

Regions & Availability Zones

The regions allocated by AWS are highly available data centers spread across different areas of the world. These virtual servers never fail to show up and are always high-performing. Failure of one availability zone does not impact another one.

Security Groups

The core of DB instances is operated by a security group where the access control is given by creating an IP address for the user who needs permission from the security group to access the operational functions. Amazon RDS has 3 types of security groups: VPC Security Group,EC2 Security Group,DB Security Group

DB Parameter Groups

These defined sets of database engines act like controllers to manage the behaviour of the databases. Each DB instance is assigned a default parameter group with the default values if no other DB parameter group is assigned for that instance.

DB Option Groups

With the DB option groups, it becomes easier to manage the databases as Amazon RDS provides the tools used by some DB engines. An option group can specify these features, called options, that are available for a particular Amazon RDS DB instance.

Amazon RDS Database Engines

Amazon Aurora




Oracle Database

Microsoft SQL Server

Build Modern Apps on Cloud with AWS RDS

Benefits of AWS RDS

Easy Deployment

Manage Amazon RDS with AWS Management Console or a set of APIs to create, delete, and modify your database instances. Get full control of access and security for your instances, as well as an easy process to manage your database backups and snapshots.

Fast Storage Options

Amazon RDS provides both General-Purpose storage option that is cost-effective and Provisioned IOPS Storage for applications that demand higher performance of up to 40,000 I/O’s per second. Easily expandable as your storage requirements grow, you can provision additional storage on the fly with no downtime.

Backup & Recovery

Amazon RDS automates automated backup features enable backup and recovery of your MySQL database instances to any point in time within your specified retention periods. Initiate backups of your instances, and all of these backups will be stored by Amazon RDS until you explicitly delete them. Backups have never been so easy.

High Availability

Use Amazon RDS Read Replicas to elastically scale out beyond the capacity constraints of a single database instance for read-heavy workloads. On-premise high availability discountS the need for multiple data centers that are geographically separated.

Monitoring & Metrics

With the available RDS monitoring features in Amazon Cloudwatch, all of the metrics for your RDS database instances are available at no additional charge. For in-depth monitoring options, CloudWatch Enhanced Monitoring provides access to over 50 CPU, memory, file system, and disk I/O metrics.


As a managed service, Amazon RDS provides a high level of security for your MySQL databases. These include network isolation using Amazon VPC (virtual private cloud), encryption at rest using keys that you create and control through the AWS Key Management Service (KMS). Data can also be encrypted through the wire in transit using SSL.

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