Fortinet Web and URL Security Solutions

Empowering Secure Web Access and Preventing Cyber Threats

In the digital era, where web and URL security are paramount, Fortinet offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to empower organizations with robust measures for secure web access. Fortinet’s Web and URL Security Solutions provide advanced protection against cyber threats, ensuring a safe online environment for your users.

Our Approach

Expertise in Web and URL Security

Backed by a team with specialized knowledge in web and URL security, Fortinet’s solutions offer cutting-edge technologies to protect organizations from evolving cyber threats.

Our approach combines multiple security measures, including web filtering, URL categorization, and threat intelligence, to provide a layered defense against web-based threats.

Recognizing the diverse needs of organizations, our Fortinet Web and URL Security Solutions are tailored to address specific requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.

Secure Web Access and Cyber Threat Prevention: Fortinet Excellence

At Fortinet, we consider web and URL security as the foundation of a secure digital experience. Our solutions empower your organization to navigate the complexities of the internet securely, offering robust features to block malicious content, enforce policies, and protect against the latest cyber threats.

Key Features of Fortinet MDM Solutions

At Uniware Systems, we offer a wide range of comprehensive solutions designed to meet your organization’s diverse needs. Whether you’re looking to fortify your security, enhance your infrastructure, or ensure business continuity, our specialized expertise and proactive approach make us the ideal choice. Explore our solutions to empower your organization with the tools and knowledge it needs to succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Web Filtering

Control and monitor web access with granular web filtering policies, ensuring that users can access only the content that aligns with organizational guidelines.

URL Categorization

Utilize advanced URL categorization to classify websites accurately, allowing organizations to manage and control access based on content categories.

Malware and Threat Protection

Fortinet's security solutions incorporate real-time threat intelligence to identify and block malicious content, preventing malware infections and data breaches.

SSL Inspection

Ensure comprehensive security by decrypting and inspecting SSL/TLS encrypted traffic, uncovering potential threats hidden within encrypted connections.

Policy Enforcement

Enforce security policies consistently across the network, ensuring that users adhere to the organization's guidelines for safe web usage.

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