Unlocking the Power of Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

In today’s dynamic business landscape, harnessing the potential of cloud technology is essential for growth and innovation. Uniware Systems offers Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Solutions that empower your organization to leverage the best of both worlds. Our expertise in hybrid cloud computing ensures that you can seamlessly integrate private, public, and multicloud environments to meet your specific needs. Multi-cloud adoption is on the rise, providing businesses with unprecedented agility, cost efficiency, security, and flexibility.


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Decades of Expertise in Cloud Solutions

Uniware Systems has been at the forefront of cloud computing for over six years, pioneering, delivering, and managing solutions that continually add value to organizations. As a trusted hybrid cloud provider, we have a proven track record in implementing and managing Infrastructure “as-a-Service” (IaaS) and multicloud solutions.

We offer a diverse portfolio of hardware and software, delivered with the utmost reliability, security, and agility, all backed by a flexible financial model. Our team collaborates closely with yours to determine the right cloud environment for your organization—whether private, hybrid, public cloud, or multicloud—and we stand by your side at every step of the journey.

Private Cloud

In the private cloud model, cloud infrastructure and resources are deployed on-premises and owned and managed by the organization. Private cloud requires a large upfront capital expense for equipment and software, a lengthy deployment, and in-house IT expertise to manage and maintain the infrastructure. It’s also expensive and time-consuming to scale capacity (because you have to purchase, provision, and deploy new hardware) and add capabilities (because you have to purchase and install new software). But private cloud provides maximum control over the computing environment and data, which is especially important—or even mandatory—if your company deals with highly sensitive data or is subject to strict industry or governmental regulations.

In the public cloud model, a company consumes compute, network, storage, and application resources as services that are delivered by a cloud provider over the Internet.
The cloud provider owns, manages, provisions, and maintains the infrastructure and essentially rents it out to customers, either for a periodic subscription charge or fees based on usage.
Public cloud offers significant cost savings because the provider bears all the capital, operations, and maintenance expenses. It makes scalability as easy as requesting more capacity, and it lets your company’s IT staff focus more on revenue-driving activities and innovation and less on “keeping the lights on.”
In public cloud’s multi-tenant environments, your workloads are subject to the performance, compliance, and security of the cloud provider’s infrastructure. With Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) capabilities, you gain full control over your public cloud environment, including security and controls. VPCs give you the scalability of a public cloud and the security of a private cloud.

The hybrid cloud model represents the best of both worlds. You can run sensitive, highly regulated, and mission-critical applications and workloads or workloads with reasonably constant performance and capacity requirements on private cloud infrastructure. You can run less-sensitive, more-dynamic, or even temporary workloads (such as development and test environments for a new application) on the public cloud. With the proper integration and orchestration between the two, you can leverage BOTH (when needed) for the same workload. For example, you can leverage additional public cloud capacity to accommodate a spike in demand for a private cloud application (this is known as “cloud bursting”).​

Achieve Success with Uniware Systems

At Uniware Systems, we are dedicated to ensuring your organization’s success in every step of your cloud journey. Our comprehensive solutions and expert guidance are designed to help you harness the full potential of cloud technology. With decades of experience in the field, we have fine-tuned our approach to optimize your cloud investments, overcome adoption challenges, and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Optimized Cloud Investments

Our team works closely with yours to understand your unique application profiles, allowing us to define the most suitable cloud investment and deployment models for your specific needs.

Overcoming Adoption Hurdles

We understand that adopting cloud solutions can come with business and financial challenges. Uniware Systems is here to help you overcome these barriers and make the transition to the cloud as smooth as possible.

Strategic Risk Management

Determining the right cloud enterprise solutions is crucial for minimizing potential risks. We bring our extensive experience to the table, ensuring that your cloud strategy aligns perfectly with your business goals.

Streamlined Transition

Moving to the cloud can be a complex endeavor. With Uniware Systems, you can simplify cloud management and infrastructure migration, reducing disruption and downtime.

Robust Security

In an era of growing cybersecurity threats, we are equipped to meet complex security requirements, safeguarding your data and applications.

Deployment Excellence

Our team's dedication to excellence ensures that you achieve success in your cloud deployment, from initial planning to ongoing management.


Software Defined Data Center(SDDC)

Accomplishing IT as Service through in all Data Centre resources & Service by extending virtualization concepts such as abstraction pooling and automation to it.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Driving the best of both Public and the Private Cloud to give you the solution to categorize your data criticality, making the most critical to be secure with multi-factor

Infrastructure as a Service

Implementing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) as the first block of your IT infrastructure thereby offering scalability, agility & cost-effectiveness with pay-on-demand services.

Software as a Service

Multi-tenant environment operation with proof of concepts that can be tested multiple times making it cost-efficient and easily upgradeable.

Desktop as a Service

Implementing Desktop management strategy for better Accessibility & Productivity with low Operating cost and better agility in
Cloud Infrastructure Service

Accomplishing IT as Service through in all Data Centre resources & Service by extending virtualization concepts such as abstraction pooling and automation to it.

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