Migrate your Microsoft Workloads to AWS

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Migration and Optimization of Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Migrating Microsoft workloads to AWS offers numerous benefits, including improved resource efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced innovation capabilities. By leveraging AWS services like Amazon EC2 for Windows Server, organizations can deploy and manage their .NET applications, SQL Server databases, SharePoint, Exchange, and more with ease. Our approach involves thorough assessment and planning to calculate TCO, seamless migration with minimal downtime, and ongoing optimization to ensure optimal performance and cost efficiency. With AWS, organizations can unlock the full potential of their Microsoft workloads while driving digital transformation and innovation.

Why migrate Microsoft to AWS?


Protect your organization’s most valuable resources by reducing time-consuming tasks.


Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and infrastructure costs by moving to the cloud.


Have the ability to deploy new features and applications faster with fewer errors that will drive digital transformation.
Migrate your Microsoft Workloads to AWS

How we run Microsoft Workloads on AWS ?

Deploying .NET applications

Installing & Configuring IIS Server

Deploying/Migrating SQL Server Database to AWS

Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server

Migrating/ Deploying sharepoint on AWS

Microsoft Exchange, and .NET Framework applications

Our Approach

Assess & Plan

Assess the application, infrastructure and licensing to calculate the TCO needed to build business cases and migration plan.

Migrate & Modernize

Migrate workloads with minimum down time, while modernizing the workload to take full advantage of AWS services.

Optimize & Operate

Fine tune components performance to ensure operational readiness and cost optimized solution.

Why Uniware Systems for AWS Cloud Migration?

Certified Expertise

Uniware Systems is an Advanced Consulting and Technology Partner in Chennai for AWS and has completed multiple implementations on wide range of industry use cases. Let’s discuss how to take advantage of Microsoft Windows Workloads on AWS

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