AVAMAR- Right Backup Soution for your Business Module

Dell EMC Avamar allows quick, efficient backup and recovery through its integrated variable-length deduplication technology of physical and virtual environments, NAS servers, enterprise applications, remote offices, and desktops/laptops. In this blog, you’ll know the importance of Dell EMC Avamar and its specifications. Read below!


With the introduction of the Dell EMC information Protection Suite, Avamar will be prepackaged to any appropriate budget, with all of its options. The DPS Suite offers customers the selection to license Avamar, either by the quantity of information they’re backing up or by the amount of ESXi sockets they need.

Avamar Options

Avamar is purchased as a conventional rack-mount server, as an Avamar Grid, or as a virtual appliance. It doesn’t matter what format you select, AVAMAR is exclusive and has a unique methodology to keep a copy of your virtual infrastructure data backed up intricately from your physical infrastructure. AVAMAR eliminates the necessity to run and manage multiple backup applications.

The Avamar Difference!

Know the reason why Avamar is a higher backup selection than others. As mentioned before, the flexibility of backup of your physical infrastructure, as your virtual infrastructure with one application. It’s a win-win situation for all. What differentiates Avamar from the others is the method it uses to dedupe the information. AVAMAR won’t care about what it’s backing up as a result it doesn’t verify the information. Instead, AVAMAR creates a block or the code at regular intervals across the information. It uses variable-length segmentation to look at and it applies a singular symbol to every block of information. Then it matches the distinctive symbol and checks everything else it’s backing up. This deduplication technology benefits several shoppers to realize information re-deduction rates 

The flexibility and also the hardiness of the AVAMAR have created it to be a trustable Backup software within the market. Protect your Business module now with Uniware’s DELL EMC free installation and setup of AVAMAR software. 

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