Cloud Workload Security as a Priority in 2022

IDC Report says

Throughout two years of global crisis, enterprise leaders invested in cloud infrastructure and services to streamline business processes, lower costs and create innovative new customer experiences. They also turned to trusted partners to manage and mitigate the resulting cyber risk. That’s created a market for cloud workload security which surged 36% year-on-year in 2021.

As business-critical cloud-native applications increase complexity and broaden the corporate cyber-attack surface, Trend Micro offers cloud builders visibility into cloud security and operational posture, enables discovery of threats, risks, and misconfigurations in open-source pipelines, and provides security for:

  • File and object storage
  • Workloads and virtual machines
  • Cloud networks and virtual private cloud
  • Cloud-native applications

The Need for Cloud Workloads Security

There are more than one reasons to ensure Critical Cloud Workload Security. Vulnerabilities like Data breaches, ransomware, DDoS assaults, and phishing attempts are prominent cybersecurity threats that cloud assets and workloads are vulnerable to. Cyber attackers use stolen credentials or compromised programs to mount attacks, interrupt services, or steal sensitive data by exploiting cloud security weaknesses. Maintaining the availability of business-critical apps, preserving confidential information, and ensuring regulatory compliance all require strong cloud security systems and procedures. Some security risks of Cloud Workloads are:

  • Misconfigurations According to a Divvy analysis, they are responsible for nearly 60 percent of cloud data breaches. For example, a cloud workload can be exposed to breaches due to insecure data transmission protocols and misconfigured access management systems. Cloud migration troubles or configuration fatigue might lead to misconfigurations.
  • Credentials and Access To steal user credentials, threat actors frequently use social engineering tactics such as phishing. According to an Oracle survey, 59 percent of respondents said privileged cloud credentials were compromised as a result of phishing.
  • Malware Public networks are frequently exposed to cloud workloads. Threat actors will have lots of possibilities to infect workloads with malware as a result of this. Threat actors may, for example, corrupt data handling procedures or conduct supply chain assaults, in which malware is hidden in one of your workload packages and is used to manipulate legitimate interfaces.
  • Container Escape Attackers can overcome container isolation and compromise the host or other containers running on the same machine if containers are not appropriately secured.

About Uniware Systems

Uniware Systems is one of the leading Cloud Transformation service providers in Chennai. Partners of all market leading cloud platforms and services, Uniware Systems offers holistic cloud infrastructure, security and storage solutions to businesses. Uniware Systems is also a trusted Trend Micro Partners in Chennai, Kerala and Hyderabad.

Characteristics of Cloud Workload Security Platform

  • Micro segmentation – The Network segmentation that helps with monitoring, analysis, and protection capabilities
  • Wide OS support – Organizations Unlike other solutions that only work with a limited number of operating systems, Linux support is a must have
  • Native Cloud Integration – Cloud Workload Security Platform should integrate where workloads reside, which means they should integrate within native cloud environments.
  • Multi asset and item support – Cloud Security Platforms and protect Linux containers, containers within automated CI/DI DevSecOps pipelines, 
  • Full suite of CI/CD scanning – CWPP should provide a wide spectrum of scanning services, including development artifacts which can prevent vulnerable workloads from being released.
  • Single console protection – For speed and efficiency, a CWPP should reside within a single console but provide protection for all physical devices, VMs, containers, and serverless workloads.

Trend Micro – Cloud Security Platform

Trend Micro named largest player in cloud workload security in 2021.

Trend Micro, a global cybersecurity leader, helps make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Fueled by decades of security expertise, global threat research, and continuous innovation, Trend Micro’s cybersecurity platform protects hundreds of thousands of organizations and millions of individuals across clouds, networks, devices, and endpoints. 

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