Critical Data Protection in Modern Ways: DELL EMC CRS

The world is having a cyber-attack every 11 seconds and the cost to recover from these cyber-security crimes is constantly rising.  The average cost of a data breach is around $3.86million. Along with the number of attacks, the tone of the threats is also getting severe.  A possible reason for this is the advancement in the technologies that helps the attackers to post many serious threats. But, still many organizations lack a complete cyber-security solution. 80% of senior IT employees believe that their company does not have sufficient protection against cyber-attacks. Regardless of the size of the company, you may be targeted for the data and implementing proper protection can save you from huge losses. If your data is attacked the recovery of them is very important.

What is cyber recovery?

Post attack, your valuable data should be recovered with utmost integrity, so that you can continue with the business and reduce the losses due to the attack. But any cyber recovery solution will not work. A modern solution with the following components will be the ideal one.

Data isolation and Governance

A good data recovery solution will have an isolated data centre environment that is disconnected from all backup and corporate networks. It will also be accessible only to people with proper clearance.

Data copy and Air Gap

An ideal data recovery solution will automate and  make the data copies that are unchangeable. The data will be stored in a vault and create an air gap with the backup environment.

Automated integrity checks

Automated integrity checks will be done on the data to find out whether it is affected by any malware.

Data recovery tools

Tools to immediately recover the lost data if any attacks happened using a vigorous restore process.

Solution planning and Design

Guidance in selecting critical data sets, applications and other vital assets is also associated with a good cyber recovery solution.

Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Solution

Dell EMC Cyber Recovery Solution will be a perfect security measure for your organization and can save you from the huge threat of online attacks. It is a cyber-protection platform and delivers data protection, replication and reuse. Dell EMC CRS reduces the risks of attacks and will help with a more intelligent data protection policy. The cyber recovery solution from DELL will provide an unchangeable backup to your primary data, which is kept in a very secure vault, unreachable to hackers. Say, a cyber-attack struck your organization and hackers are asking for a ransom to return the data. With the use of DELL EMC CSR, you can recover the data of your own and continue to function as normal. The cyber recovery solution from DELL delivers the most comprehensive protection for your critical data and helps you to recover from the attack with complete integrity.

Dell helps to cut down the risk of getting attacked by acting as a storage facility that is integrated with the business architecture. The storage facility is placed between the primary storage facility and the integration between duplication software, tape library systems or Cloud provider services such as AWS or Azure. The tool also detects suspicious activities and accelerates the data recovery process. The air gap between the primary and secondary data creates additional protection. The air gap creates a physical distance between the two, thus providing maximum protection. This golden copy of data sends an isolated vault and provides multi-layer protection at the time of an attack. 

Benefits of DELL EMC Cyber Recovery Solution

  • Provides automated vaulted air gap solution, which is one of a kind in the market.
  • The cyber vault data of DELL is untraceable and unchangeable.
  • The content indexing is connected with AI and Machine learning.
  • Multi-layer data analysis capacity of power protection.
  • Forensic tools to discover, identify and remediate ongoing attacks
  • Robust and enhanced cyber recovery tools
  • The only solution architecture fully endorsed by the Sheltered Harbor solution provider program.

How can Uniware Systems help you?

As the premium DELL platinum partner in South India, Uniware can get you a complete security solution to mitigate the risks associated with a cyber-attack. By setting up a DELL EMC cyber-recovery solution, you can detect and respond to the attack faster and help you to go beyond traditional security measures such as disaster recovery protection. Considering the advancement in cyber technology and increasing attacks, a forward-thinking organization like yours, must install such a recovery plan, to keep both your and your client’s data safe. Contact Uniware to know more about the installation of Cyber Recovery Solution from DELL.

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