Uniware offers the Best Device management process that allows your employees to access corporate data on the go using personal devices. Device management is the process of managing the security and compliance for access data from the Device. accessing mobile   Device Management (MDM) is important for enterprises focusing on improve employee-owning productivity of their employees by allowing them to access corporate data on the go using corporate or employee owned mobile devices.

Unlocking Productivity with Uniware's Device Management

Uniware provides a top-tier Device Management process that empowers your employees to access corporate data seamlessly on their personal devices, wherever they are. Device management is a crucial facet of ensuring security and compliance when it comes to data access from these devices. In particular, Mobile Device Management (MDM) plays a pivotal role for enterprises looking to enhance employee productivity by facilitating on-the-go access to corporate data, whether through company-provided or employee-owned mobile devices. Uniware’s solutions are tailored to meet the demands of modern workplaces and support secure, efficient mobile data access for your workforce.

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Allocate Flexible & Varying Resources through optimized Data Centre Utilisation.

Remote wiping

Accessing the encrypted device remotely and holding access to clear the data remotely during security issues.

Location Tracking

All the encrypted devices to the organization’s computing pool are tracked through continuous and proactive GPS monitoring.

Device Troubleshooting

Devices that possess access issue impact and those that prompt network performance issues are identified and mitigated.

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