Everything You Need To Know About Email Security

As we all know Email is the tool used by everyone for business communication. Email is open to all is with all its benefits it plays a huge role in every business communication. Email is also the source of serious cyber-attacks. Email is the most vulnerable tool for data breaches and malware attacks just because some businesses overlook the importance of email security.

What is Email Security?

Email security is just one part of the whole cybersecurity architecture. Email security uses a set of procedures and technologies to protect against cyber attacks. As the use of email for businesses increases the importance of email security is also very much important. Email security has become critical for businesses as it protects your account from several threats that can result in data breaches or malware attacks.

Most Common Threats Faced:


Phishing is the most common yet the most potent of all the threats faced. Over 90% of the total cyberattacks originate from phishing emails. Phishing emails are designed to target people and make the user click on a virus-infected link. Once the interaction is made the attackers will gain access to your data, stealing your critical data or waging other kinds of attacks.

Spear Phishing:

Spear Phishing is an attack that is highly customized and designated to the target audience. They are set to imitate that of well-established organizations, impersonating everything from an organization’s logo to that of the domain. Spear phishing can pose a serious threat because it can trick even the well-experienced set of people.

Business Email Compromise (BEC):

Business Email Compromise or BEC is spam where the attackers impersonate themselves as a company’s high-level employee who has access to wire transfers or an executive related to finance. BEC is also a kind of phishing attack that uses hacked or spoofed messages, or even impersonates a business email address. The attackers use these spoofed or fraudulent messages to make money transfers that will result in a huge loss for the organizations.

What are the Consequences of Ignored Email Security?

As I mentioned earlier many organizations tend to ignore the importance of email security. This ignorance will have severe consequences and it will come back to haunt them. Here are some of the main consequences of an ignored email security,

  1. Data and credential theft`

The attackers will infiltrate the system and steal your critical data. A data breach can cost a company with fines and lawsuits.

  • Malware Spread

Attackers use emails having URLs and attachments that conceal malware such as ransomware, trojan, or spyware.   

  • Payment fraud

Phishing emails are used by attackers for targeting individuals or an organization to pay for fake bills or do fraudulent money transfers to the attackers’ account resulting in a huge loss.

Best Ways to Enhance Email Security:

You have to first understand the fact that relying on in-built security is not enough to protect your account from cyberattacks. Turning to a service provider will be an ideal choice for safeguarding your business from cyberattacks.


Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) is used for authenticating emails. It is a free and open specification that uses policies to monitor your email traffic, transferring unauthorized emails to spam, and also make sure that phishing emails aren’t delivered.


Antimalware helps you to scan email attachments even before the user interacts with them. It is a proactive precaution that will help you to nip out the malicious content before it can cause any harm.


Proofpoint is a cloud-based platform that protects your inbox from advanced cyberattacks. It provides you with the option of filtering your inbox. In today’s growing world every business is migrating to cloud technologies and having strong Proofpoint will fortify your email security.             

Malicious email is the main source of attack against organizations relying only on built-in security isn’t enough. You have to step up your security by investing in a solution company. By doing so you can protect your organization from data breaches and malware, thus preventing lawsuits and fines. Uniware Systems specialized in cloud and cybersecurity solutions and services will provide you with the best email security services there is to offer. Uniware is providing a personal demo for Proofpoint. Reach out to our team today to learn more.         

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