How to swiftly recover from Ransomware attacks with Cyber Recovery?

Data is the currency of the internet economy and a critical asset that must be protected, kept confidential and made available at a moment’s notice. Today’s global marketplace relies on the constant flow of data across interconnected networks, and digital transformation efforts put more sensitive data at risk.

This makes your organization’s data an attractive and lucrative target for cybercriminals.

Cybercrime has been called the greatest transfer of wealth in history, and it is all about the data. Accenture estimates that $5.2 trillion of global value is at risk by cybercrime in the next 5 years. Regardless of the industry or size of the organization, cyber-attacks continually expose businesses and governments to compromised data, lost revenue due to downtime, reputational damage, and costly regulatory fines. The average annual cost of cybercrime per company increased to US$13M in 2018, a surge of 72% in just the last 5 years.

Difference between Disaster Recovery Vs Cyber Recovery

When disasters such as floods, power outages, and weather events occur, a DR plan is usually adequate to quickly contain the impacts to a region and restore business operations. Cyberattacks are not as easily contained because they can spread rapidly and affect your data and operations globally. To address this kind of potentially crippling event, organizations can implement a cyber-recovery solution and plan.

A cyber recovery plan goes above and beyond typical DR but does not replace the DR plan. CR is a must-have to protect your most essential data, minimize the risk of service disruption, and improve business resiliency. Cyber recovery planning and solutions provide peace of mind, giving an organization a clean, protected copy of their data to fall back on when other copies have been locked or corrupted.

Most disaster recovery plans fail to account for the different motivations, techniques, and goals of various cyberattacks. Focusing on one kind of attack, cyber actor, or attack vector can leave your organization exposed.

When an attack occurs, organizations can usually respond in only one of two ways: pay the ransom or recover from a known, good backup copy. However, not all ransomware attacks end when the ransom is paid. There may not be an identified person or organization to pay, and there is certainly no guarantee that files will be unlocked even if you do pay. Colonial Pipeline paid the ransom within hours of the attack, but the decrypting tool provided by the hackers worked so slowly that Colonial Pipeline needed to use their backup copies to speed up recovery. This effort still took five days before pipeline service was restored.

How to Protect yourself against ransomware with DELL Cyber Recovery?

Cyber-attacks are designed to destroy, steal or otherwise compromise your valuable data – including your backups. Protecting your critical data and recovering it with assured integrity is key to resuming normal business operations post-attack. Could your business survive? Here are five components of a proven and modern cyber recovery solution:

(1) Data Isolation and Governance

An isolated data center environment that is disconnected from corporate and backup networks and restricted from users other than those with proper clearance.

(2) Automated Data Copy and Air Gap

Create unchangeable data copies in a secure digital vault and processes that create an operational air gap between the production/backup environment and the vault.

(3) Intelligent Analytics and Tools

Machine learning and full-content indexing with powerful analytics within the safety of the vault. Automated integrity checks to determine whether data has been impacted by malware and tools to support remediation if needed.

(4) Recovery and Remediation

Workflows and tools to perform recovery after an incident using dynamic restore processes and your existing DR procedures.

(5) Solution Planning and Design

Expert guidance to select critical data sets, applications, and other vital assets to determine RTOs and RPOs and streamline recovery.

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