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Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Define roles and access of Individual network Users

Software-defined networking (SDN) is an approach to networking that uses software-based controllers or application programming interfaces (APIs) to direct traffic on the network and communicate with the underlying hardware infrastructure.

This is different from traditional networks, which use dedicated hardware devices (routers and switches) to control network traffic. SDN can create and control a virtual network or control a traditional hardware network with software.

While network virtualization enables the ability to segment different virtual networks within one physical network or connect devices on different physical networks into one virtual network, software-defined networking enables a new way of controlling the routing of data packets through a centralized serve

How is SDN different from traditional networking?
The key difference between SDN and traditional networking is infrastructure: SDN is software-based, while traditional networking is hardware-based. Because the control plane is software-based, SDN is much more flexible than traditional networking. It allows administrators to control the network, change configuration settings, provision resources, and increase network capacity—all from a centralized user interface, without adding more hardware.

There are also security differences between SDN and traditional networking. Thanks to greater visibility and the ability to define secure pathways, SDN offers better security in many ways. However, because software-defined networks use a centralized controller, securing the controller is crucial to maintaining a secure network, and this single point of failure represents a potential vulnerability of SDN

SDN provides a variety of benefits over traditional networking, including

Right Individuals to access the Right Resources at the Right time.

Authentication Service

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Single Sign-On

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Multi Factor Authentication

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