The future of data storage: Dell EMC PowerStore 500

In today’s IT infrastructure we need a modern storage technology that can achieve a new level of agility and operational versatility. We need an infrastructure that can help not only in storing your data but also delivers improved performance and scalability.

Due to the diversity in today’s data, the storage of the data has become very complex and challenging. Organizations are using multiple infrastructures to handle this data whereas the IT industry is constantly trying to bring up solutions that are simple and user friendly.  To face the challenges of modern data storage problems we need an infrastructure that can help in adapting to the new challenges without disrupting your current operations. 

What you need:

You need a data-centric infrastructure. An infrastructure that,

  • Contains a single architecture for all kinds of modern workload.
  •  Has the ability to accommodate applications, multi-format storage diversity, and multi-protocol networks.
  • Can simplify and consolidate your infrastructure.
  • Has better speed and response time for today’s workload.
  • Gives you the control to scale its performance and capacity making it efficient.
  • Never compromise on performance.

You need an infrastructure with a good level of automation. An infrastructure that,

  • Has built-in intelligence to cut out the time-consuming work.
  • Has end-to-end automation streamlines.
  • Has smart monitoring which reduces risk. 

You need a flexible infrastructure

An infrastructure that can provide flexible, 

  • Architecture
  • Deployment
  • Consumption. 

The Future:  

The main obstacles that a company faces are cost constraints and the inability to achieve data-centric, automation, and flexibility. To overcome this obstacle Dell has launched the Dell EMC PowerStore 500 which is cost-effective and is now the fastest-growing architecture in the company’s history. This offers you infrastructure with intelligence, flexibility, and unified storage. DELL EMC PowerStore 500 can support a business of any size by supporting up to 2.4 million SQL transactions per minute.

The Dell EMC PoweStore 500 will offer you a single and centrally managed storage device for consolidating business applications and data storage that gives you data visibility. The end-to-end NVMe design is 7x times faster compared to the previous version with 3x time’s better response time. It gives you the option of any time upgrade which eliminates the need for migration. The PowerStore 500 can provide you with data efficiently without enterprise complexity. With its innovative AppsON capability, it allows you to run virtualized workloads directly on the array. The Dell EMC Powerstore 500 is data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable which can support your diverse requirements while simplifying IT operations.           

The distinctive features of Dell EMC PowerStore 500


The Dell EMC PowerStore 500 is targeted towards medium and entry-level enterprises. The features included in the product will suit them best. The PowerStore 500 makes the platform overall accessible by lowering the entry price point. This game-changing technology will help you to transform your IT with ease.

A unified approach to Storage

The PowerStore 500 has storage for all. It put forward a unified storage for all the applications and data in a reliable platform with data protection tools. It also offers flexible document storage for Windows, macOS, and UNIX.

Data management and protection tools

DELL EMC PowerStore 500 has a set of comprehensive data management and protection tools in the package. The tools include PowerStore Manager, CloudIQ: Cloud-based storage analytics, thin provisioning, and dynamic RAID, advanced-data reduction: Zero Detect/Deduplication/Compression, quality of service (Block and vVols), protocols: block, vVols, SMB, NFS, SED-based data encryption, snapshots, and thin clones, native asynchronous block replication, APPSync basic and many more.

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