Trending Vulnerability Threats of 2021

Cyber threats are growing heavier, even the traditional anti-virus is no longer strong enough to detect. With this ongoing scenario,  are you sure that your business module is not open to vulnerabilities? If not, what are the threats you will be prone to?. Read below to know about the most common top 3 threats. 

1.Account hijackings issue 

Hacking one’s account has become a common cyber threat these days. It is designated as a serious issue as it can even spoil one’s reputation and make the secured documents begone. 

How we are being drawn into their scheme, here so,

  1. Keylogging: Recording of the keystrokes made by the user using a program.
  2. Phishing: Redirecting users to an unsecured website, to steal their information
  3. Buffer Overflow attacks: Overriding or making one’s memory overflow to make the user be pushed to a situation to give unauthorized access
  4. Cross-site Scripting attacks: Sending malicious script across the web browser to steal the credentials
  5. Brute force attacks: Detecting the password with the help of software

How to escape these brute-forced account hijacking techniques?

Change your password regularly. Allow multifactor authentication for your secretive documents, where this will add an extra layer of the firewall. Precautionary measures have to be taken while clicking on website links, e-mail links, and unidentified pop-up requests to reset the password. Mainly consult with a threat detecting expert to detect the vulnerabilities like Uniware Systems as they will give a vulnerability assessment report of your business module

2. Data Breaches

It’s not about the corporates, the small businesses indeed. They are the ones who are prone to Data breaches often, as they could not afford to create a security firewall that is highly robust. It negatively impacts the reputation of the company and can even make them lose clients. 

So how it procreates first? Any member of your company unknowingly may download any malware. The external source is where a hijacker can crack into the vulnerabilities on your cloud, or even can do that physically from your system. 

How do you stay protected against data breaches?

Conduct a routine security audit. Encrypt your servers that serve as a backup for your data on the cloud. Deal with Cloud security experts, to claim a robust security strategy for your business module

3. Insecure APIs

Dependency on APIs is growing larger and simultaneously they attract the hijackers for them to be the target. APIs are the most common tools that are used these days for convenience and boosting efficiency, but at the same time, they can easily turn vulnerable for your whole cloud platform when they poise insecure. It is designated to be the most common threat by the end of 2021.  

How do you stay protected against API attacks?

Conducting penetration tests, using SSL/TLS are the few basic steps to mitigate insecurity Always it is necessary to use multifactor authentication for your API keys. There are a few steps you can take to safeguard your cloud system from API attacks:

A robust cybersecurity security strategy, with all the vulnerabilities, assessed added with a best-in-class cloud security solution with easily deployable and recoverable backup and disaster recovery strategy is the package you need for the years to come. Wondering if you could find this package in one place, driven through the solutions of global leaders.?. Here you have, Uniware Systems, which provide expert solutions for your, on-premise and cloud security threats.

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