Vulnerability Assessment

We provides the industry’s most comprehensive vulnerability coverage with timely, accurate information about your entire attack surface, including complete insight into all of your assets and vulnerabilities. Assessing assets for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across your complete attack surface is challenging due to diverse asset types. Your asset mix likely includes traditional IT, transitory, mobile, dynamic and operational technology assets, all of which require different assessment technologies.

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Identify Security Holes and Mitigate Cyber Attacks.

Asset Discovery

Gathering Insights into the working Platform and discovering data of criticality and alerting the system to devise a security protocol for them.

Vulnerability Reporting

Reporting Security Flaws of both Hardware and Software schemes and regulating the insights for the alternatives.

Vulnerability Management

Keeping the Complexities at Bay, the Vulnerability Management assists in configuring the errors and analyzing the exact security scheme to mitigate it.

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EMC Isilon X200 scale-out storage

SciGenom Labs Headquartered in Kochin, India, SciGenom Labs (SciGenom) focuses on molecular diagnostics, cancer treatment, and metagenomics. SciGenom also provides commercial services for DNA sequencing that include next-generation and Sanger

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Case Studies

EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure

Overviews   As one of the top ranking private universities in India, SRM University offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in Engineering, Management, Medicine and Health

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