Why Startups Should Migrate To Cloud?

There has been a rise in Startups in India and ever since the pandemic, even more, have made the bold call for startup due to different reasons, and when starting a business the first step is really important for the company to be successful. 9/10 companies end up failing in their business while cost being the main reason.

To keep the budget in check while still being able to adapt to the growing technological changes is important and adopting cloud computing will be a great first step for your business. Cloud computing can add spring to your startup business in more ways than you can imagine. Cloud computing is not just about saving cost, it gives the option of scalability and provides an edge for even startups to compete with well-established companies.   

Though cloud computing can be a huge game-changer for startups, still some are hesitant or avoiding cloud completely just based on some common misconceptions. So before going any further let’s break down these misconceptions.

Here are 3 common myths and their facts regarding cloud technology.

  1. Cloud is Expensive:

This is the most common misconception that is keeping startups from starting on cloud or migrating to the cloud. Cloud technology cost is based on pay-as-you-go pricing models. So you only pay for what you use, this helps you in reducing the operational cost. However, you should be mindful of the cloud services you activate knowingly or unknowingly. Also continue to monitor the cloud usage in real-time so that you are not overcharged. Cloud Computing avoids the cost of buying and setting up hardware and software and enable the business to run efficiently. 

  • Cloud is Insecure:

Regardless of the size of the company or the industry, they are based on, the security of the data is very crucial. Data breaches can be a death blow for startups. Well while nothing is 100% secure, Cloud does offer your business some high-level security features such as centralized encryption, firewall, access control, and malware protection. Cloud not only protects against cyber attacks but also provides disaster recovery options so that whatever the situation your data will be secure.

  • Cloud results in losing control:

You will have 100% of control of your data and you won’t lose control of anything except for the task you want your cloud hosting provider to handle. Regardless of the place or time you will have access to your project data and will have full control over them. Cloud enables full visibility to the user and you will be in control of access details.

Now that the misconceptions are broken and you may have got an interest in migrating to the cloud or cloud-related services visit Uniware Systems to learn more about the services and solutions offered in the cloud. 

FREE tier Cloud plans for Startups:

Cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure provide free of cost services for startups and other small enterprises to encourage the use of cloud technologies. They have created specific cloud programs to support startups. 

AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure are the frontrunners of the cloud technologies and all these three companies offer free tiers for Startups. Though they have their advantages and disadvantages based on their usage, their quality is almost the same. Startups should take advantage of these free tier plans so that they can experience the benefits of cloud computing.

All the 3 service providers provide free services for 12 months. Since the quality is the same the difference lies in the number of free products and services provided and on the projects they are used. 

Hopefully, this blog post is informative. If you have any questions or would like to migrate to the cloud and looking for a cloud service provider contact Uniware Systems. With 26 years of expertise, Uniware Systems provides you with the best cloud and security services for your company to scale new heights and maximize the benefits of modern cloud technology.

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